Books To Sell?

If you have a collection of academic books (50 books or more) in a specific subject area and in good condition, we could be interested in purchasing them. In the first instance it is best to photograph the books on their shelves and e-mail these to us. This way we can easily see the quantity of books, their condition and the titles. It may take some time for us to gather enough information on a set of books before we make an offer, please bear with us and send a follow up email if necessary. 

We will pick up books so long as they are located within the Greater London area. Occasionally we might go further afield for large and very interesting collections.

We do not buy books from the public over the counter in the shop. We do accept donations however; but we’d prefer that any donations not be left on the pavement outside the shop.

Books We Buy
  • Academic titles in the arts and social sciences (i.e. literature, art, architecture, film, music, theatre, philosophy, history, politics, economics, psychology, linguistics, gender studies) and contemporary fiction
  • We’re especially low on classic literature at the moment so please do get in touch if you have a collection you’d like to sell
Books We Don’t Buy
  • Books on Sociology, Business, Finance, Law, Science, Computing or Reference Books
  • Books in poor condition/damaged or defective in any way
  • Books with underlining, highlighting or annotations (especially in ink)
  • Antiquarian books
  • Magazines/comics/journals
  • Textbooks/study guides
  • Motoring Manuals
  • Outdated books on current affairs
  • Self-help/mysticism/astrology
  • Celeb autobiography
  • Second-hand contemporary/bestseller fiction unless part of a larger collection

Job Vacancies

If you are interested in working at Judd Books, please send your CV via email to us at At present we only employ full-time staff. We are a rather small operation and vacancies don’t come up very often so please don’t be dismayed if you don’t hear anything back. There are plenty of other bookshops nearby with higher staff turnover. Best of luck 🙂

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